Each ROOT comes together,New ROOTS are created. ROOTS CO.,LTD. CEO Keiichi Yoshimura

Even a small company in the countryside, there is something common able to be achieved with just one passion.
ROOTS CO,LTD was established with this passion July 4th,2013.
This is the same date of United States Independence Day.
In the old days, Japan donated Japanese cherry to U.S, and U.S donated dogwood to Japan as a token of their gratitude.
Therefore, we adopted dogwood as our company symbol flower in order to remember always requital fro our customers.
Always from a viewpoint of ”Global and Local“ ,
We contribute to employment creation, wage gap adjustment and local society.
Also, our strong desire is that our customer, staff, and the families can smile always, and that they can live enriched life.
“What is truly needed for the world?”
We aim to find the answer through our daily business.

High-value added products and services are a key to build recycle business environment. Tohoku University YU Jeongsoo

Associate professor, International Environment System Course in Tohoku University Graduate School of International Cultural Studies.
Asian Automotive Environmental Forum(AAEF), Japan representative.
International Resource Recycle adviser for ROOTS CO.,LTD.

Number of ELV outbreak in Japan is decreasing year by year, the business environment around automobile recycling is facing new situation.
On the other hand, automobile production and assembling in developing countries is increasing, therefore, it seems difficult to maintain as same momentum as before in Japanese used cars and used cars parts exports field.
In order to respond to situation like this, expanding a business directly into re-use and recycle market overseas is needed, however, the key to build up recycle business environment with good prospects is how high-value added product and service we can provide regardless of domestically and abroad.
Since an enactment of Act for automobile recycling in 2005, I have been engaged in automotive recycling research domestically and abroad, and established Asian Automotive Environmental Forum(AAEF) in 2008.
Mr.Yoshimura, CEO of ROOTS CO.,LTD. has aggressively participated in the establishment for this forum, Miyagi Prefecture 3R Research and Development project, Ministry of Environment Scientific Research Fund and Tohoku University 100th anniversary project.
ROOTS CO.,LTD. is an new born company who makes their efforts not only to scrap and recycling business services, but also to other related integrated services and try to find out new direction of future automotive recycling business.
However, members of the company foundation are experienced professionals since the enactment of Act for automobile recycling.
I expect ROOTS CO.,LTD. to be a leading company in the field of ELV purchase, automobile scrapping, used parts distribution, resources recycling domestically and abroad.