What is Auto Mobile Recycling Business?

※Our job is to preserve natural environment, dismantling an Auto Mobile with appropriate process under Auto Mobile Recycling law. Reusable Auto Mobile spare parts are now exported globally throughout the world for the people in need.

Recycling Auto Mobile

Storage Process

Vehicle Check
Dividing each vehicle before storage, whether the Vehicles is going to be scrapped as recycled material, or to be used as Reusable Parts.

Air bag and Chlorofluorocarbon disposal

Eco-Friendly Disposing Process
We dispose Air Bags and Chlorofluorocarbon from the Vehicles under Auto Mobile recycling law in order to preserve O-zone layer and prevent Global Warming.

Removing Gasoline and other forms of Chemicals

Preventing land pollution
Each Chemicals will be removed and divided into separate tanks which are carefully disposed under the law. All the left over Gasoline from the vehicle will be reused to minimize the consumption of Gasoline.

Take out reusable parts for the Domestic consumers

Replace damage parts with Recycled Parts
All of our stocked recycled parts are carefully checked for damage and been repaired in order to fulfill customer satisfaction. Our Network throughout Japan enables all consumers to get in reach for their needed spare parts.

Taking out reusable parts for the Over sea consumers

Many Consumers from Overseas have chosen to use our products
Our Business connects people across the seas providing affordable used Auto Mobile parts.

Materials separated by hand work

Materials are separated by skilled staff
Our highly skilled experienced staff will dismantles Vehicles into pieces in order to separate them into reusable iron, silvers, aluminum and etc.

Shipment of Reused or Recycled Products

Reused or Recycled product will be shipped into a new market
Engines, materials will be shipped globally where those materials are essentially needed.