Network expanding to the world.
A Growing Network Expanding to the World.
ROOTS CO.LTD’s Trading Business supports networks of over 30 countries around the world.
With over 10 years of experience in the Automobile Recycling business and our worldwide sales network, we are aimed at reaching advanced and developing countries worldwide.
All over the world today, new and used Japanese cars plays a big role and has finally been accepted. Japan’s recycled vehicles, technology and techniques without doubt is a business with endless potential to which from here on will definitely grow even stronger specifically in developing countries worldwide.
ROOTS CO.LTD aspire to research further marketing opportunities to build the trading business, reaching societies globally.
There’s a great demand for used cars and used auto parts all over the world.
Used cars and used auto parts origin to Japan continues to their new location supporting the lives of people from developing countries across the globe.
Contributing Significantly to the Economy of Developing Countries.
Developing countries greatly relies on the infrastructure available such as commercial vehicles including dump trucks, construction machinery, vans etc. which are mainly manufactured in Japan.
Used cars and used auto parts also contribute greatly to developing countries.
We are dedicated to source these must have items here in Japan. Making our contribution by delivering these products hence embracing the economic development of countries worldwide.